Fees & Dues
Rules For Payment of College Dues
  • Student admitted In B.Sc, Nursing 1”year will be required to make Full payment
  • That as per the notification of Government of Puniab vides their no 5/48/2007 -3HB3/1982 dated 31-03-2008 Page No.10, Note No 2.1 hereby submit a Bank Guarantee/bond that I will be liable to pay the balance fee for the whole course even  If I will leave in midstream.
  • Payment of fees by the candidates of all the categories must be made either by cash against a proper receipt or by a Bank Draft drawn in favour of Director, Guru Teg Bahadur College of Nursing, Jandiala Guru. Cheques will not be accepted.
  • Payment of fees by NRI/NRI sponsored candidates wiII be made by Demand Draft in USS. any seat remaining/falling vacant, which wiil be offered to Indian candidates shail carry the same fee and may be paid in Indian currency (equivalent to US$ 15,000).
  • The fees mentioned herein are provisional and subject to change in accordance with the decision of the Courts/Govt. of Punjab/BFUHS or fee Fixation Committee constituted by the State Govt. under the direction of Supreme Court of India.
  • In case a student leaves the College during the session, she will have to-deposit the dues of the whole Course
  • Name or the student not paying the subsequent dues till 15 days alter the scheduled date will be struck off from the College rolls. Such student may be re-admitted on payment of re-admission foe and tine if allowed by the Principal.
  • In case d student has got her name struck of the College rolls by submitting an application to the principal she will be liable to pay the dues including for the period of absence
  • Student not paying the dues will not be allowed to appear In the House Exams /Annual Exams.

General Rules

  • Student shall comply with Institution rules and regulation as prescribed and changed from time to time by the authorities
  • Students Shall Comply with 80% theory & 100% Clinical attendance, only then they will be allowed to sit in exams.
  • Student missing clinical experience are required to do make up the same in their vacations
  • Student is to allow meeting any visitor while working in clinical area.
  • Student will have to undergo periodic medical check up
  • Student must maintain good moral character in and outside the institution
  • Student who proceed for leave and tall sick at home will be required to submit medical certificate duly countersigned by Civil Surgeon or Medical Supdil of Hospital having Medical College certificate form any other private practitioner will not be accepted
  • Leave/s availed by the student without permission Will be compensated by make up during the vacations.
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